New package installation page format

Billy O'Connor billyoc at
Wed Jan 1 06:47:06 PST 2003

jsmaby at writes:

> > It is also harder to blindly copy and paste all the commands without
> > reading any of the instructions ;)
> Nah, just copy/paste everything, explanation and all.  The explanations
> normally start with an uppercase letter, and none of the installed
> programs do, so they'll just fail with "command not found".  Might
> get some syntax errors with ()'s, and other special characters, but
> as long as the text doesn't include something like
> "<blah blah>; rm -rf /; <blah blah>"
> lazy people like me will be fine.

Installing Gawk-3.1.1
   Warning: do NOT run make uninstall on this package if you apply the patch to change the     
   libexec directory definition. The uninstall rule in the Makefile file runs a command like   
   rm -rf <libexecdir>/* Since we change the libexec directory to /usr/bin it'll run rm -rf    


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