Minor suggestion for Chapter 5 - Book V4

Stefan Krah sfk1 at bigfoot.com
Wed Jan 1 12:22:47 PST 2003

* "Marco van Beek" <mvanbeek at supporting-role.co.uk> wrote:
> I have just come across the Linux From Scratch book and got very confused
> while reading the compiling pages. It's a simple problem, caused by me not
> realising that all the packages have to end up in separate subdirectories,
> and therefore when you run make, you have to be in that subdirectory.

Chapter 2 (How to install the software) contains that information, albeit
a little hidden under all those tar instructions.

> I am sure it would become immediately apparent once I downloaded and
> unpacked the files, but as a suggestion, perhaps in the introduction to
> chapter 5, or in the "creating the $LFS/static directory" section, a mention
> that when/if you copy the files across to $LFS/static/src, that they go in
> separate subdirectories ie $LFS/static/src/bash-2.05a, or that when
> compiling, you first have to cd into the appropriate package directory
> first.

I think that since ``How to install the software" is containing step by step
instructions, the commands

  cd filename

should be put under the sentence "Again, every time this book is going to
install a package, it's up to you to unpack the source archive and cd into
the newly created directory."

It may seem stupid, but it would be logical. After all, the chapter starts
with cd $LFS/usr/src...

Also, I'd rename that chapter into something like ``How to deal with tar
archives" or ``How to unpack and prepare a source tree".

Stefan Krah
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