symlink to /proc/mounts

Mark Hymers markh at
Wed Jan 1 13:30:04 PST 2003

On Thu, 02, Jan, 2003 at 07:25:54AM +1100, Greg Schafer spoke thus..
> FWIW Gerard, I was a fan of the symlink when it was first introduced. But
> now that I've used it for a year or so, and have discovered all the
> disadvantages, I've moved back to the old method (or to be more accurate,
> I've employed the steps as outlined in the mtab hint - which basically boils
> down to a simple modification of the bootscripts)
> I believe that in the interests of correctness, it should be the other way
> around:-
>   - make /etc/mtab a real file as the default method in the book
>   - offer the symlink option as a separate hint (noting the disadvantages)

OK.  We're supposed to be undumbing-up (!?) the book at the moment so
why not just use the "/etc/mtab as a real file" method as we did before
and add a note which says - "If you intend on having a ro / then you
will need to find an alternative way of handling this, one possible option 
is given by the LFS Symlink hint".

So basically, I'm agreeing with Greg here.
> Also, the fact that Andries (the mount maintainer) has taken the time out to
> make comment on the issue, well, that says it all for me.

That's also a good point.


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