Time to upgrade to bash-2.05b?

James Robertson jameswrobertson at earthlink.net
Wed Jan 1 13:23:37 PST 2003

Greg Schafer wrote:
> Hi
> Everyone else on the planet has upgraded to bash-2.05b. Sure it was
> pretty buggy when first released. The current patches make it pretty
> damn stable.
> There is of course the issue of it segfaulting when configuring binutils
> (but only when statically linked and and when called as /bin/sh and only
> for some people - not everyone). As I've noted before, this can be
> worked around by passing:-
>   --without-bash-malloc
> to the Ch 5 static bash.
> IMHO, we should upgrade (and include the switch mentioned above as a
> workaround). I've been building LFS's this way for a few months now
> without problem.
> I've taken the current patches and combined them into the 1 patch which
> I've attached.

I'm in.  I have not used 2.05b much because of the above issues.  I'll try
the patch and the parameter above for a bit and report back my findings.

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