Splitting up the 'mega' patches

Jack Brown jbrown at kmts.ca
Thu Jan 2 16:32:28 PST 2003

On Thu, 02 Jan 2003 17:29:35 -0600, Gerard Beekmans wrote:

> Two mega patches remain in the book currently: Glibc and Man.
> Glibc patch fixes these three things: 1) changes 'root' to '0' 2)
> changes $PERL and @PERL@ to /usr/bin/perl 3) libnss fix
> I'll split this up in two patches:
> 1) the root + perl fix
> 2) the libnss fix
> Man fixes:
> 1) comments out the "MANPATH /usr/man" line 2) adds -R to the PAGER
> variable
> 3) fixes the problem where it only formats up to 80 cols
> I'll split this up in three patches
> 1) the MANPATH fix
> 2) the PAGER fix
> 3) the 80 cols fix
> We could discuss combining the MANPATH + PAGER patch, but since they fix
> two unrelated things (whereas the root+perl patch fix compile stoppers)
> I feel it'll be best this way. I will start working on the new patches
> in a few minutes and upload them later and of course update CVS book
> accordingly.
how about:


sed for root issue
sed for perl issue
patch for nss fix


sed for MANPATH
sed for PAGER
patch for 80 col thing

ie. use seds for straight modification of variables, which tend to be
version agnostic types of problems.  use patches for more complex issues
which tend to be more or less version specific, and only realy meant to
be applied to one version of the source.

Jack Brown

P.S. this also brings back a bit more of the learning value since both
methods are used. Mabe also a single paragraph explaining the sed 's/+++/---/'
type thing so peple will understand what they typed and be less likely to
make errors.
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