Splitting up the 'mega' patches

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at swbell.net
Thu Jan 2 16:32:59 PST 2003

Gerard Beekmans wrote:

>Two mega patches remain in the book currently: Glibc and Man.
>Glibc patch fixes these three things:
>1) changes 'root' to '0'
>2) changes $PERL and @PERL@ to /usr/bin/perl
>3) libnss fix
>I'll split this up in two patches:
>1) the root + perl fix
>2) the libnss fix
>Man fixes:
>1) comments out the "MANPATH /usr/man" line
>2) adds -R to the PAGER variable
>3) fixes the problem where it only formats up to 80 cols
>I'll split this up in three patches
>1) the MANPATH fix
>2) the PAGER fix
>3) the 80 cols fix
>We could discuss combining the MANPATH + PAGER patch, but since they fix two 
>unrelated things (whereas the root+perl patch fix compile stoppers) I feel 
>it'll be best this way. I will start working on the new patches in a few 
>minutes and upload them later and of course update CVS book accordingly.
I hate to bring up something that has been discussed a lot, but some of 
the changes seem to be more appropriate as a sed expression instead of a 
patch.  I agree that very complex seds are inappropriate, but if its a 
simple s/root/0/g, then that tells me exatly what is happening.  A short 
sentence then tells why.  

I guess I'm arguing that each modification needs to be evaluated and the 
right tool (sed, gawk, perl, patch, etc.) used.

  -- Bruce

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