A couple of platform compatibility issues...

Mark Lee mplee at shaw.ca
Sun Jan 5 14:07:09 PST 2003

> I'm sure I read somewhere that pretty much all GNU software should be
> compiled with -D_GNU_SOURCE. I think I even did some investigations and
> noted that only a few of the source files in findutils define _GNU_SOURCE.
> So again, no objections from me.

>From the GNU coding standards:

It is a good idea to define the "feature test macro" _GNU_SOURCE when 
compiling your C files. When you compile on GNU or GNU/Linux, this will 
enable the declarations of GNU library extension functions, and that will 
usually give you a compiler error message if you define the same function 
names in some other way in your program. (You don't have to actually use 
these functions, if you prefer to make the program more portable to other 


Just some background info to help the discussion (maybe you all already knew 

Mark Lee
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