New glibc sections

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at
Sun Jan 5 23:07:23 PST 2003

I took a look at the new version of the book in cvs and would like to 
offer the following observations:

The user is directed to to compile glibc twice, even if starting form a 
glibc 2.3.x or higher system in order to get the linux threads man 
pages.  Perhaps this could be improved.  As the linux distros improve, 
or users build from this version of lfs, they really should tell the 
user how to avoid a second glibc build.

The builder is not reminded to remove and re-extract the glibc sources 
in the second build.  Perhaps that's not necessary and only the 
glibc-build needs to be cleared.  In any case, I believe adding the rm 
instructions, at least in textual form, will avoid many lfs support 

I also have a question.  If the user only wants English (en_US),are 
either the install-locales or localedef commands necessary?  I suspect 
that in this case the entire command can be omitted.  Does anyone know 
if this is the case.  If it is, it ought to be mentioned in the first 
glibc section.

  -- Bruce

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