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Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at
Mon Jan 6 17:33:17 PST 2003

Gerard Beekmans wrote:

>On January 6, 2003 12:07 am, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
>>The user is directed to to compile glibc twice, even if starting form a
>>glibc 2.3.x or higher system in order to get the linux threads man
>>pages.  Perhaps this could be improved.  As the linux distros improve,
>The same old problem remains: you need perl installed.
>But on a side note, even if you started from a Glibc-2.3.x system already, 
>it's still technically sound to install Glibc a second time. The libnss issue 
>isn't the only reason for reinstalling. Glibc mis-detects a number of things 
>that are most likely not an issue, but we're not 100% sure of that either. 
>Ie: it mis-detecting the size of a long double (it was a long double right) 
>and some other things like ELF code gets compiled differently (all because 
>Glibc hasn't been installed yet when we install Glibc the first time).

OK.  I understand.  Should this explaination be added?

>>The builder is not reminded to remove and re-extract the glibc sources
>>in the second build.  Perhaps that's not necessary and only the
>>glibc-build needs to be cleared.  In any case, I believe adding the rm
>>instructions, at least in textual form, will avoid many lfs support
>We assume that don't we. Whenever you finished installing a package, you 
>remove the source trees. The second Glibc installation is no exception there.
I agree that we do assume it.  However it is the only package that we 
currently install twice in Chapter 6.  I believe some people will  think 
that its OK to not remove and reextract because its different.  A 
sentence here will clear up the issue and erase all doubt.

  -- Bruce

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