Bug 215: Nonexistant?

Mark Lee mplee at shaw.ca
Tue Jan 7 14:27:00 PST 2003

While looking through the discussion for bug 215 I noticed that there was 
never a final decision on whether or not this bug exists. Marc Heerdink could 
not reproduce the problem, and the discussion stopped. Then, 5 months later, 
Gerard came up with a fix. (Hope I'm interpreting all of that correctly). 
However, it does seem to be a very strange bug. If there was a redundant 
MANPATH than shouldn't the developers of man be informed? If it is something 
to do with the symlinks in our directory structure, than shouldn't we mention 
what causes this?

I don't mean to come off accusatory, I just wanted to make sure that what 
happened should have happened (just making sure that the right decision was 
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