Findutils in CVS 20030108

Chad Simmons polpak at
Wed Jan 8 16:36:54 PST 2003

--- Mark Lee <mplee at> wrote:
> On Wednesday 08 January 2003 16:22, you wrote:
> > On Wednesday 08 January 2003 16:01, you wrote:
> > > If I remove the -D_GNU_SOURCE, it works ok.
> >
> > I tried this and confirmed it. The findutils instructions for chapter 5
> > seem to be broken. I think either -D_GNU_SOURCE should be removed or the
> > patch should be modified to fix this somehow.
> Jim Gifford, could you try this patch instead of the lfs one? I think I fixed


These all just removed function prototypes for standard functions. The
maintainer for findutils needs to use/rely on the standard headers to prototype
standard functions, otherwise problems like this will occur. There is no
functional difference between the compiled versions with/without patch.

Should someone contanct the maintainer and have them fix it?

Chad Simmons

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