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Andres Mujica - Linux SEAQ linux at
Wed Jan 8 16:48:48 PST 2003

> On Wed, Jan 08, 2003 at 06:42:33AM -0700, Rob Park wrote:
>> Ok, whatever. But actually picking one and putting it in the book is a
>> waste of effort.
> AFAIK, "Pointing out a simple package manager" doesn't mean "Adding a
> package manager as a package". IMO, it means "Add a page which discusses
> ways to log file changes".
and install-log can do this in an easy way, adding a program like this
can let the user have some accounting from its system... just knowing which
version of each package has been installed is good for support purposes..
upgrading purposes.. and it servers as base towards a more complete pckg
management solution as the ones discussed at the hints.   

a lot of lfs users have their own diary book (bitacora -don't know the
english' word) or registry of their system... so why can this be
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