findutils 4.1 compile issue

Frank Gore fgore at
Thu Jan 9 21:22:18 PST 2003

I'm not sure if this has already been noted, I'm too lazy to check the 
archives and I'm not a regular list member :)

While trying to compile findutils using the instructions in the latest 
cvs version of the LFS book, the package failed to compile everytime. I 
couldn't figure out why, it just failed and failed, with and without the 
patch applied (this is while compiling for the "static" directory). This 
was mind-numbing, because I'v gone through this book countless times and 
never had an issue with findutils before.

So I looked through the changelog and noticed that a new flag had been 
added to the configure command on Hanuary 6th. Here's the direct quote 
from the changelog:

# January 6th, 2003 [gerard]: Chapter 05+06 - Findutils: Added 
CPPFLAGS=-D_GNU_SOURCE to promote proper compiling on non-x86 architectures.

Removing this flag from the command allowed me to compile the package 
successfully. So this change is what brought about all my headaches.

For the record, I have an AMD AthlonXP 1900+ on a VIA KT333 chipset, and 
my host system for compiling has glibc 2.2.5 and GCC 2.95 (Slackware 8.1)

My sole reason for subscribing to this list was to state this fact :) I 
hope I haven't repeated something other people were already aware of. I 
shall now unsubscribe.


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