Matthew Reppert repp0017 at
Fri Jan 10 11:21:05 PST 2003


Is there a reason we don't use the H. J. Lu binutils releases in the book?
I know that (at least) Debian and SuSE use them (but am told that really
major distributions do), and IIRC Alan Cox mentioned on lkml that they have
some subtle fixes for Linux on various archs. The Changelogs mention mips
and alpha in this respect. They also seem to be preferred according to the
kernel documentation (Documentation/Changes mentions that you need or greater).

The current version is ...
(where XX is your country code)

The only mention a quick Google through the archives gave was Greg Scafer
saying something in passing about how we should be doing this mid-2002-ish,
so I'm kind of curious :)


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