[PATCH] possible addition to lfs-bootscripts

Alexander E. Patrakov semzx at newmail.ru
Sun Jan 12 07:14:00 PST 2003

> if you have a large amount of usb devices connected to your computer (i
> have 8) then the kernel will print loads of usb related messages over the
> login prompt this patch to the lfs-bootscripts will introduce a 5 second
> sleep at the start of the bootup the sleep (atleast to me) is hardly
> noticable and does solve an irritating problem. perhaps we could put this
> patch (or a variant of it) into the next release of lfs bootscripts?

The fact that some messages go into /dev/console probably means that the 
kernel log daemon is not told to be quiet enough.

Try modifying /etc/rc.d/init.d/sysklogd to contain the following (but without 
your patch)

                echo "Starting system log daemon..."
                loadproc syslogd -m 0

                echo "Starting kernel log daemon..."
                loadproc klogd -c 4
		# maybe even -c 3
and report us the results.

Alexander E. Patrakov

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