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Sun Jan 12 08:08:32 PST 2003

On Sun, 12 Jan 2003, Greg Schafer wrote:

> Hi
> Someone mentioned this on lfs-support. I found this reference and it is
> really quite disturbing:-
> Alan Cox says:
> "I get so many weird never duplicated reports from linux from scratch people
> that don't happen to anyone else that I treat them with deep suspicion.
> Especially because it sometimes goes away if they instead build the same
> kernel with Debian/Red Hat/.. binutils/gcc"
> Now THAT is the kind of thing that makes my blood curdle. See my earlier
> post about binutils. Maybe we should upgrade to HJ's binutils so that we are
> "keeping up with the Jones's" and we are not treated like black sheep. And
> maybe we should start building the kernel with gcc-2.95.x like the docs
> say.. And maybe we should start... etc, etc, etc...
> Does anyone care about these sorts of issues?
> In a "perfect world", LFS would be an enterprise employing real life paid
> developers, and maybe then we might be taken seriously? FFS..
> Greg
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Hm ... for me LFS is "only" an outline on how to build 'your own linux
system', luckily here are the support lists to help if problems occur and
there could be many of them, if you don't follow exact a release version
of the book.
It is somehow "normal" to have problems at the bleeding edge, but if
nobody is there it will never get stable.
I think all developer sould be glad, that there are some, who "test" their
work, and they should not complain about a non standard environment.
By the way what would be the standard environment?
If you think about the big distos, forget about them, they patch so much
everywhere, that they could not be called plain.

I love to be on the bleeding edge!

CUH Rainer Peter Feller

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