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> Hey now, in the case of gcc and glibc (the two packages where playing
> with CFLAGS is near to suicide and people STILL do it) the
> instructions that come with the source code are *very* explicit about
> not screwing around with compiler flags.  Glibc even gives a set of
> optimizing flags which they know to work, apparently in hopes of
> preventing people from coming up with screwy ones of their own.  It
> simply doesn't seem fair to ask the developers to spend time working
> up ways to prevent people from deliberately miscompiling their code
> when just telling people flat out"doing x will break this" can
> accomplish the same task.

This is true - the glibc developers want to write correct C, and so they
arent the right people to file the bug reports with. its GCC that they
should go to, and I think the GCC developers (personally) are far to lax
about fixing thinks like -O3 etc.

The glibc team, too, since so closely tied to gcc, should probably get
mor ein the habit of forwarding bugreports, and perhaps being politer to
misguided souls...
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