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Jasper Stein jasper at
Mon Jan 13 04:18:27 PST 2003

kris at wrote:
> BUT: not all packeages extraxt in the tar name, eg vim: 
> vim-6.1 -> vim61

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but packages are copied straight from 
their developers, who are also the ones putting the tarballs together. 
They decide the name of the package (vim-6.1) and the name of the 
directories to extract to (vim61). On the lfs site are just copies, 
placed there for convenience, without tweaking.

So, yes, there's no reason to have these differences, but LFS is not the 
right place to complain. We might change the names of the copied files 
on the lfs site of course, but then people will wonder what the 
difference is between package vim-6.1.tgz and vim61.tgz. Instead you 
might ask the packagers politely not to introduce these inconsistencies 
in future versions.


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