Perception of LFS

Rob Park rbpark at
Mon Jan 13 09:00:18 PST 2003

Alas! Matthias Benkmann spake thus:
> When I wanted a working simpleinit I had to fork my
> own. When I wanted to have Gimp working in Ion (The Best WM) I had to do
> it myself. When I wanted an XWPE that doesn't crash when you use watch
> expressions, I had to fix it myself. If I think back, most significant
> feature requests or bug reports I've made so far for open source projects
> have had no effect. Open source is very much like proprietary software in
> this respect. The only difference is that with open source, I can fix
> things myself.

But the important bit is, did your fixes get re-absorbed into their
projects? If they did, then that's truly the beauty of open source:
they may not have been interested in fixing it themselves, but now that
it's fixed, everybody may benefit from it.

Rob Park
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