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Yes, both suggestions work too, but the reason I prefer my ideas is my prompt is set to [\w]> (doesn't show the $? variable) and because I wanted to clean the source directories not delete them.  Like I said, they were just suggestions.

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Alas! David Barron spake thus:
> I've just joined lfs, although I don't consider myself a newbie when
> it comes to Linux.  I've installed lots of different distributions,
> but this is the first time I've tried starting from the very beginning
> this way.  I've enjoyed the process for the most part.  I did have a
> couple of suggestions for the book, however.  First, I made a small
> addition to the "configure, make, make install" process which I found
> very helpful.  In general it went like this:
> ./configure &&
> make &&
> make install &&
> echo 'Finished'

When I first saw that, I thought "Silly boy, when it shows the prompt
again, that means it's finished..."

> This was particularly helpful for me, especially during the longer
> "configure, make, make install" cycles.  If it showed Finished then I
> knew the process completed successfully.

But then I read this bit and got what you meant.

For me, I just have my prompt set to display the $? variable, which is
the return value of the previous command. If it is zero, everything is
ok! ;)

> Second, I ran a simple process after the first successful boot into
> LFS.
> for dirname in /usr/src/*
>   do
>   cd $dirname
>   make clean
>   cd ..
> done
> This cleans up the source directories and gains a few megs of hard
> drive space back.

This also can save you some hard disk space:

rm -rf /usr/src/*

Have a nice day ;)

Rob Park
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