Linus vs. Ulrich (about the /usr/include symlinks)

Antoine Leca at lfs.antoine
Mon Jan 13 11:58:27 PST 2003

Hi folks,

I am building LFS (using 4.0, French translation).
Quite cool until now, so you should thanked for this.

During the compilation of glibc (using my PMMX 200 64M, it takes obviously
quite a while), I did the unbelievable, and actually read the doc!
And I did find an instruction (in INSTALL) which clearly contradicts
the book:

>    An alternate tactic is to unpack the 2.2 kernel and run `make
> config' as above.  Then rename or delete `/usr/include', create a new
> `/usr/include', and make the usual symbolic links of
> `/usr/include/linux' and `/usr/include/asm' into the 2.2 kernel
> sources.  You can then configure glibc with no special options.

I believe the glibc doc is obsolete (BTW, I did not check the current CVS 
for glibc), and should be corrected. However, I am quite sure a patch
signed by the LFS team will have quite more acceptation than one from
"Antoine Leca" (worse, I am known by Ulrich as being an evil
Windows user! ;-))

BTW, the same text from INSTALL explains that it is needed to
``make config'' in the kernel. The LFS book clearly shows this is not
necessary (as it works OK for about all of us!), so probably an update
in the doc would be welcome here too.


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