coreutils release anytime soon?

Billy O'Connor billyoc at
Mon Jan 13 15:15:27 PST 2003

gschafer at (Greg Schafer) writes:

> FWIW, I've been using the 4.5.3 release far a while now and I don't have any
> major problems with it. Debian have been including it in their unstable for
> quite a while so they give it a pretty good hammering. The coreutils
> maintainer is very receptive to good bug reports. I simply submitted the
> patch that LFS uses to get sh-utils compiling statically (the bug was still
> there in coreutils-4.5.53) and the next thing I know the bug is fixed and my
> name is in the THANKS list. Quite uncalled for :-)
> It really makes the package list a bit fair bit tidier (net loss of 2
> packages). But the build commands end up a bit messy. Here is what I
> currently have. Could prolly be tidied up:-
> ./configure --prefix=/usr &&
> make &&
> make install &&
> mv -f /usr/bin/{basename,cat,date,echo,false,head} /bin &&
> mv -f /usr/bin/{pwd,sleep,stty,su,test,true,uname} /bin &&
> mv -f /usr/bin/chroot /usr/sbin &&
> mv -f /usr/bin/{chgrp,chmod,chown,cp,dd,df,ln} /bin &&
> mv -f /usr/bin/{ls,mkdir,mknod,mv,rm,rmdir,sync} /bin &&
> ln -sf ../usr/bin/install /bin &&
> ln -sf test /bin/[ &&
> rm -f /usr/bin/groups

These are working for me with 4.5.4, too, Greg.

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