FAQ: bash ./configure: No such file or directory

Jochen Schröder jschrod at uni-muenster.de
Mon Jan 13 16:26:24 PST 2003

Hey Guys,
I don't post to lfs-dev very often, but I have a suggestion for the 
FAQ's. I noticed quite a bit of newbies, post that they can't compile 
bash because they didn't cd into the source directory. Maybe this should 
be included in the FAQs, maybe also add something like: "read chap2 
again really carefully, get familiar with linux ...yada..yada"
If they look at the FAQs for "No such file or directory" they just find 
that they must have compiled something dynamically in chap5.
A newbie is probably going to be confused by this, and might be 
prevented from using the FAQs for later problems. Also it pops up so 
often, that it is definitly a FAQ.
Just my 2 euro cents
[X] Nail here for new monitor

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