FYI on the new grub 0.93...

Michael Wu edf_iceburner at
Mon Jan 13 20:03:14 PST 2003

Adam Trilling wrote:

> On Mon, 13 Jan 2003, Matthew Burgess wrote:
>> So when grub goes into the book then it'll need the usual get out clause
>> as per gcc/glibc/binutils a.k.a. "unset CFLAGS and any other
>> optimisations here - or you're on your own"?
> It should, IMHO.
> Here's my question:
> Why does gcc insert memcpy() calls when the -nostdlib flag is given?  I
> would have thought that it would know better.  Is this a bug, or one of
> those --dangerous-optimization-flags things?
> Adam Trilling
> agt10 at

Disable serial console support, maybe comment a few functions out, and grub
will compile. ;)
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