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Kelledin <kelledin+LFS at> wrote:
> On Monday 13 January 2003 04:53 pm, Seth W.Klein wrote:
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> > 2) We are unimpressed with the quality of distibutions and yet
> > we instruct people to build off them.
> >
> >    Perhaps this isn't such a good idea. Perhaps boot CDs
> > shouldn't be relegated to the Hints.
> Can you produce a boot-CD capable of booting off of _any_ system, 
> _any_ configuration, that Linux might support?

If it is possible without NDAs, etc., i don't see why not. Though
in embedded type cases you might use the CD to install on a more
typical machine and use that to cross-compile as usual. It's indirect,
but it's still using the CD.

> My main system 
> can't even boot from a CD due to the jacked arrangement of two 
> SCSI BIOS extensions and no IDE disks.  Of course, I can boot 
> off a floppy and load a CD that way, but you get the 
> point--

I'm afraid i don't see what difference it makes whether you need
a boot floppy to use the CD or even a bootable NIC and a machine
to NFS mount the CD from. In any case you've still used the CD.

> --there will always be some configuration that can't boot 
> off our stuff but can boot off some obscure distro like Undead 
> Linux or the like.

Only until we find out what Undead does that our boot CD doesn't
and improve our boot CD.

> Probably the best thing to do is say, "we recommend bootstrapping 
> from this LFS boot-CD image, built from the most recent stable 
> LFS book.  If you can't use that, we recommend one of the 
> following distros..."

Or, "...if you can't use that, please tell us about it so we can
improve it."

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