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Seth W.Klein sk at sethwklein.net
Tue Jan 14 11:23:11 PST 2003

Seth W.Klein <sk at sethwklein.net> wrote:
> OK, version 5 is out. This adds a couple new elements.
> http://www.sethwklein.net/projects/lfs/index.html#lfsml
> I need to catch up on the FAQ so this will be the last release for
> a few days. Not too long, i hope.

After three weeks, i guess it has been too long and i must reconsider
my work on this LFS doctype. I have not even had any feedback on it.
I did not expect to do the work alone when i started and i am not
currently willing to. The reason is this:

For me, LFS is a means to an end. I don't wish to spend my life
copying commands into a terminal over and over. This means i need
tools that allow me to efficiently view commands and their documen-
tation, edit them, and execute them. I currently use ed/vi(m) as
a frontend to bash and a slightly formatted text file for data storage.
I tried nALFS but it doesn't store documentation and makes viewing
and editing commands impractical. Many (most?) serious LFS users
each have their own system. None of these systems are ideal and
neither is the duplication.

(When i get enough ideas together and some code behind them, i'll
post to the lists.)

So i started work on an LFS doctype because it is a step in a direction
that is useful to me. Unfortunately, it is not a large step. It is
not large enough to make it worth my time to produce an LFS doctype
single handed.

I have done some work beyond version 5. It helps with matching
If anyone is interested in it, email me and i'll release it.

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