coreutils release anytime soon?

Steve Martin smartie at
Wed Jan 15 02:41:04 PST 2003

On 14 January 2003 21:36, Gerard Beekmans spak thusly:
> On January 13, 2003 05:08 pm, Seth W.Klein wrote:
> > Anyone up for adding a
> --enable-essential-binaries="basename,cat,..."
> > switch to coreutils?
> That'd be long to type out. How about this one: --enable-fhs-paths
> FHS dictates that certain binaries are supposed to be in
> /bin. We've added a
> few ourselves because of programs used in the bootscripts. It
> would at least
> be less work in the mv commands.

Sounds to me like the maintainer needs to add an sbin_PROGRAMS line to  There would also be less mv commands if --prefix was set to /
instead of /usr.

Just my 2 cents worth.

Steve Martin

Couldn't think of anything witty to write here.

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