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> Go read and browse through chapter 5.

Did that - looks great.  A couple of typos though:

Bash - the first and third conigure parameter explanations read "this caused
bash to ...".  Personally I think it would read better "this causes" or even
"this will cause" as we have not yet made bash yet.
Diffutils - the first configure parameter reads "When configure is done it's
job".  This reads better "When configure has done it's job" - again IMHO.
Fileutils - "Including are programs to list..." should be "Included are ..."
GCC - "The GCC package contains the GNU compiler collecting" should be "The
GCC package contains the GNU compiler collection"
Gzip - "The gzip package contains program to" should be "The gzip package
contains programs to"
Texinfo, Textutils and Util-linux appear not to have been converted yet
although recent CVS commits suggest otherwise.

Again, looks and reads very well,


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