couple smal things

Jack Brown jbrown at
Wed Jan 15 16:58:31 PST 2003

Hi guys,

	While playing around with the cvs version of the book, I noticed that
binutils no longer seems to need "make install-info" (chapter 6) since
the info pages now seem to be installed by the normal "make install".

	Also I noticed something pretty minor that I was curious about.  I
noticed while browsing around that the directory /usr/share/nls never
seems to get used.  from what I can tell off hand I think this used to be
used by Glibc but that newer versions use the directory /usr/share/i18n
instead (there was some refrence in the changelog).  looking over FHS 2.2
they mention that /use/share/nls is an optional directory for use "if the
subsystem is installed". in this case I guess the "subsystem" is
installed, but that the name of the optional directry has changed. I'm
thinking we could get rid of /usr/share/nls from the section on creating
directories.  also Glibc goes ahead and creates the directory (i18n)
itself so there's probably no need to create it either.  Im not entirely
sure if I intrepreted this properly does anyone else have any thoughts on

Jack Brown
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