chapter 6, installing kernel headers

Axel axel.azerty at
Thu Jan 16 16:58:24 PST 2003

at chapter 6, about installation of kernel headers we can see :

"In light of this, you might want to run chown 0.0 on the linux-2.4.20 directory to

shouldn' t be : chown -R 0.0 ? a lot of files in the tree don 't belong
to root.
Since it's just an advice , just tell to change owners is a good thing and "chown -R" was just used for /static
directory; so the right syntax' responsability can belong to the user but "-R" can be forgotten
though especially for new users.

I think wrong ownerships of this files could lead to damage system
integrity if an user take profit of that and IMHO it should be relevant to the
book to prevent that and to TELL (not just advice) to chown the kernel

Maybe you already discussed that earlier..

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