details about glibc "some" locales installation

Antoine Leca at lfs.antoine
Fri Jan 17 14:58:58 PST 2003

4.0 book reads, in ch.6 glibc (this is copied verbatim from
2003-01-14 snapshot):

> make localedata/install-locales
> An alternative to running make localedata/install-locales
> is to only install those locales which you need or want. This
 > can be achieved using the localedef command. Information on
 > this can be found in the INSTALL file in the glibc-2.3.1 tree.

While atempting to use only a few locale (with 2.2.5, *not* with
2.3.1, but I do not expect any difference), I got a message like
(sorry, I changed systems, this is not verbatim):
   $ localedef -i ca_ES at euro -f utf-8 -v ca_ES
   unable to copy to /usr/lib/locale/ca_ES, directory does not exist

So I dig into the Makefile for localedata, and I found that a
necessary step is to create the directory structure before attempting
install'ing locales. A workaround exists to ease the process.

Instead of the indicated make, one can issue

   make localedata/install-locales-dir &&
   localedef -i <locale_source> -f <optionally_charset> <locale_to_install>

and then, everything runs OK. Of course, the install-locales-dir
is required only once, so if you want more than one locales, no
problem here.
I was unable to find this explanation in glibc manual, neither in
INSTALL (which is the better source, but which is elliptic on the
subject), not  in the rest of the manual (which is, hum, how to say
that, not really up to date...;-) )

Should I turn this into a (very short) hint, or do you consider
incorporating the processing into the book (I understand my
explanations may be confusing, so they are certainly to be re-written.)


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