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Timothy Bauscher timothy at
Sat Jan 18 08:28:27 PST 2003

On Sat, Jan 18, 2003 at 11:15:38AM -0500, Bill's LFS Login wrote:
> > And a litle question about bootscripts; why is there no script for
> inetd?  We install it, so I think we sould start it at boot...
> I think *not* a good idea. For security reasons. Running inetd makes
> your unit a potential server. To do a proper job in the book might
> require discussion of (and installation of) things related to firewalls,
> tcpwrappers and other topics. IMO, that would move the book's intent
> away from having a basic unit that can be used for whatever the end user
> ultimately desires.
> BLFS delves into all needed topics adequately.

It would be nice if a netkit-ping existed. Perhaps the
book should skip inetd installation altogether.

make -C ping
make install
cp ../etc.sample/{services,protocols} /etc


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