Bugs in the book

M.Canales.es labuenaestaenlafirma at terra.es
Sat Jan 18 15:09:30 PST 2003

During the translation's update I am detecting some errors:

-In the entities remain some *.exp.xml:

 grep -r "exp.xml" entities/
entities/findutils.ent:<!ENTITY c6-findutils-exp SYSTEM 
entities/groff.ent:<!ENTITY c6-groff-exp SYSTEM 
entities/libtool.ent:<!ENTITY c6-libtool-exp SYSTEM 
entities/ncurses.ent:<!ENTITY c6-ncurses-exp SYSTEM 
entities/texinfo.ent:<!ENTITY c6-texinfo-exp SYSTEM 
entities/vim.ent:<!ENTITY c6-vim-exp SYSTEM "../chapter06/vim-exp.xml">

-In Chapter 6 must packages have yet a "Command explanation" secction 
instead of split the commands and put in the comments.

-In Chapter 6- Libtool say now:

<para>This package requires its patch to be applied before you can
  install it. Issue the following command to apply the patch:</para>

patch -Np1 -i ../libtool-&libtool-patch-version;.patch &&

But this patch is not needed anymore.

Pd: When you will make a note in the web page about the Spanish translation 
of the (B)LFS Books??

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