Cross linking our Ch5 build against a new glibc

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Sun Jan 19 14:27:54 PST 2003

20/1/2003 Greg Schafer wrote:
> Ryan, I'm still playing with this but RL is unfortunately intervening. I
> have learnt heaps and am having so much fun :-)

Though you might enjoy it :-)

> - you don't need to apply the PERL hack for the Ch 5 glibc as perl is
>    surely on the host system?

Pure laziness, I don't bother unpacking glibc twice as we dont build in its
directory, so I patch it first up.

> - newer binutils (i'm using binutils- contain a new switch
>   --with-lib-path which allows you to set the default value for LIB_PATH
>   thus no need for the messy sed

I'll have to look at it, if the ldscripts get fixed up as well
even better
ie, if LIB_PATH is now passed to,
at the present (2.13) it isnt, hence the present hack to pass
LIB_PATH environment var to GENSCRIPTS.

from ld/

# Set the library search path, for libraries named by -lfoo.
# If LIB_PATH is defined (e.g., by Makefile) and non-empty, it is used.
# Otherwise, the default is set here.
# The format is the usual list of colon-separated directories.
# To force a logically empty LIB_PATH, do LIBPATH=":"

> - AFAICT, you don't need to tweak the gcc include dir search order. I did
>   couple of quick tests (gcc -E foo.c -o foo) shows that everything is
>   getting picked up from /static/include (I'm using gcc-3.2.1)

I wasn't too sure about this, but this is good news :-)

I'll get a copy of the latest binutils and have a look at it in an hour or
so and get back to you...

Best Regards
Ryan Oliver

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