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> On January 18, 2003 05:08 pm, Simon Comeau Martel wrote:
> > I'm not sure to follow you...  Are you talking about the Mosix filesystem
> > or about nfs?  If the problem is the first one, you dont have tu use it. 
> > If the problem is elsewere, can you tell me where I can read about it?
> I was under the impression you did have to use it. Even if not, with mosix all 
> systems have to use the same filesystem right? So every node would have to 
> NFS mount, or somehow mount the master server's partition and you'd launch a 
> compile on that. Unless I'm mistaken, so do correct me if I'm wrong.

Well, I installed Mosix  3 days ago, to accelerate compilation on my P100, and it work well...  And I have no file system sharing at all.  To transfert tarballs from a box to an other, I use netcat.  There is an option for the Mosix File System in the kernel patch, but you dont have to activate it... (It is an Beta phase...)

 CONFIG_MOSIX_FS:                                                        x   
  x                                                                         x   
  x The MOSIX File-System (MFS) is now ready for Beta-testing.              x   
  x Along with DFSA, it forms the basis for the next generation             x   
  x of MOSIX, expanding the power of MOSIX beyond CPU-bound tasks           x   
  x into I/O tasks as well.                                                 x   
  x                                                                         x   
  x On its own, MFS allows processes to access most files (more accurately, x   
  x all regular files, directories and symbolic-links, but excluding the    x   
  x "/proc" file-system and MFS itself) on all the nodes in the cluster.    x   
  x                                                                         x   
  x MFS assumes that all users/group-ID's throughout the cluster are        x   
  x equivalent: if this is not the case, you cannot use MFS, so you must    x   
  x say 'N' here, unless you have a sub-cluster where the user/group-ID's   x   
  x are equivalent, in which case you may still choose to configure MFS     x   
  x only in that sub-cluster.                

You only have to patch the kernel, recompile it, install the Mosix tools, and write a /etc/ file to list all the nodes.  Do that on all your box, and reboot with the new kernel.

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