bzip2 makefile patch

Craig Hurley sobit at
Sat Jan 25 17:18:20 PST 2003

Suffering extreme bordom I desided to see if I could clean up the bzip2 
Makefile to make and install the lfs way.  It adds 2 new make commands

	shared-all: makes all the file that will be installed (static and shared)
	shared-install: installs above cutting out duplicates and groups make cmds by 

And adds 2 new varriables to get the task done  right ROOT and MAN_DIR (bzip2 
is one of those dirty pkgs that installs in /usr/man).

Unsure if anyone would be interested but it cuts bzip2 install from 10 lines 
	patch -Np1 -i ../bzip2-1.0.2-makefilefixes.patch &&
	make shared-all &&
	make shared-install

(cutting out all that educational value)
This being my first unwarantied patch USER CAUTION!!!!
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