bzip2 makefile patch

Craig Hurley sobit at
Sat Jan 25 18:25:46 PST 2003

On Saturday 25 January 2003 08:48 pm, Ken Moffat wrote:

>  I'd be sorry to lose the educational value, particularly since most
> LFS'ers supposedly don't read the patches.  What is your intention with
> this ?  The book is educational in bzip2 and the patch isn't _required_,
> but it looks a bit invasive to be offered to the package maintainer.
The intention was to see if I could do it :) And having read and built LFS 
over and over i figured that I could cut some of my typing and anyone elses 
that might do the same.  I don't know exactly why LFS puts the file where we 
do, so I had no intention to submit this to the maintainer until futher 

>  If you were offering it to the maintainer, there might be an issue with
> symlinks - not every 'nix supports them, and you seem to be inconsistent
> - bunzip2 and bzcat are symlinks, but bzegrep and bzfgrep are hard
> links.  Also, i'm not sure why you chmod a+x for bunzip2 and bzcat -
> does this do anything when the file is a symlink ?
Again this is a 21st LFS build thing and not for inclution in the book or to 
submit to the maintainer.  The changes install bzip exaclty the same way 
following the LFS instructions do (except the chmod a+x {bunzip2,bzcat} 
thing... I missed that). 
1) I copied the instructions from all:(both Makefiles) and install: 
2) copied the LFS instructions line for line. 
3) rearranged the commands by directory in shared-install:
4) remove duplicate files (static versions)

The hard links are what bzip2 does the synlinks are what LFS does.

>  Actually, what bzip2 really needs is autoconf.  There was a guy on this
> list early last year when bzip-1.0.2 came out who I think was interested
> in that, but I can't remember who he was, and my drive with the emails
> from that time died.

I agree that it needs autoconf but I'm taking baby steps.  Thanks for 
commenting. Now on to removing the unnessisary chmods.

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