pointless -R on chapter 5 chown?

J_Man jeremy at jutley.org
Sun Jan 26 10:46:49 PST 2003

Alex Groenewoud wrote:
> J_Man wrote:

>>I regularly put my sources under $LFS/static/sources.  I can't
>>why I got started doing it this way, but it's always worked for
>>me, so I
>>don't plan to change :)
> Well, think again.  Otherwise you might one day begin putting the
> manpages in $LFS/sbin/man and music files in $LFS/usr/bin/mp3, and 
> never again get away from it.  :)
> Of course it works and of course you are free to do whatever you 
> like, but this doesn't make putting source tarballs in $LFS/static 
> any less silly.  The $LFS/static directory is intended to be thrown 
> away -- you want to throw away the sources?  Or do you first move 
> them elsewhere, to $LFS/usr/src/system maybe?  Why not put them 
> there right away?

I think I got started doing that with one of my machines that I use 
limited size partitions, and only had one partition big enough to hold 
the sources and static directory - so I ended up putting the sources 
there.  Now it's just force of habit.  And yes, I usually do throw away 
the sources - I have high bandwidth, and it's not that big of deal to 
redownload a package.  Plus, I usually keep a copy of the latest LFS 
source packages burnt onto a CDR.


I've heard it said that there are two types of *NIX admins, those that
have done something EXTREMELY stupid while logged in as root, and
those that WILL do something extremely stupid while logged in as root.

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