pointless -R on chapter 5 chown?

Gerard Beekmans gerard at linuxfromscratch.org
Mon Jan 27 09:50:06 PST 2003

On January 19, 2003 07:18 am, Alex Groenewoud wrote:

Having seen the arguments for keeping the -R option and removing it, I now 
agree it's best to remove it. I think everybody can agree that if you create 
more dirs yourself you can add the -R if you really need it. Like Alex said, 
the sources can remain owned by root as long as you can read them.

We'll leave the source directory up the user. Everybody does it different, I 
usually create /static/src/builds and /static/src/sources/ (to separate the 
tarball and build directories). In my case I'd need to chown -R because at 
the least /static/src/builds has to be chown'ed to user 'lfs'

But this is a nice thing for people to figure out for themselves (how to deal 
with the tarballs, where to store them, where to build packages, and what 
(not) to chown).

Gerard Beekmans

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