Major CVS LFS bug - binutils-

Christian Mudra mudra at
Mon Jan 27 10:11:54 PST 2003

On Tue, Jan 28, 2003 at 02:56:35AM +1100, Greg Schafer wrote:
> Essentially, this is a recurrence of the old HAVE_GAS_HIDDEN thing. At first
> glance, it looks to me like the extra digit in the binutils- is
> confusing gcc's configure script.

The confuse is in the part where the ld is checked, if it supports
hidden (somewhere in gcc-3.2.1/gcc/configure around line 7220):

    # GNU LD versions before 2.12.1 have buggy support for STV_HIDDEN.
    # This is irritatingly difficult to feature test for.  Look for
    # the date string after the version number.
    ld_ver=`$gcc_cv_ld --version 2>/dev/null | head -1`

--> $ld_ver == GNU ld version

    ld_vers=`echo $ld_ver | sed -n 's,^.*[  ]\([0-9][0-9]*\.[0-9][0-9]*\(\|\.[0-9][0-9]*\)\)\([     ].*\|\)$,\1,p'`
    ld_date=`echo $ld_ver | sed -n 's,^.*\([2-9][0-9][0-9][0-9]\)[-]*\([01][0-9]\)[-]*\([0-3][0-9]\).*$,\1\2\3,p'`

these variables will be empty then, and a few lines below this check matches:

    elif test -z "$ld_vers"; then
        # If there was no date string nor ld version number, something is wrong

The easiest workaround still seems to use the old
'echo #define HAVE_GAS_HIDDEN 1' as used earlier. Or at least a note
for all the people who wants to install HJ Lu's binutils to do that.


PS: I did also run into that problem when trying the gcc-3.2.2 from cvs
    two weeks ago.

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