Major CVS LFS bug - binutils-

Dagmar d'Surreal dagmar.wants at
Mon Jan 27 22:46:23 PST 2003

On Mon, 2003-01-27 at 17:26, Zack Winkles wrote:
> Chris Lingard <chris at> wrote:
> > You have at least three options
> >
> > Revert to binutils-2.13.2.  gcc works with triplets
> > Put the HAVE_GAS_HIDDEN in chapter 5 and chapter 6
> > Think of another method to fix this
> don't forget option number 4: use HJ Lu's binutils :). a new
> release came out a few days ago, and i know for a fact that
> gcc 3.2.2 cvs builds correctly with it, as well as 3.3 cvs, so i think
> it's safe to assume 3.2.1 builds perfectly fine with them.

I think it's more reasonable to assume that gcc 3.2.2 and gcc 3.3 might
have had their configure scripts fixed.  However, considering that I
just had to rebuild most of my system last weekend to undo the results
of this gcc bufu I don't think "safe" is a word that can be applied to
any _assumptions_ about the matter.  The real kicker is that it wasn't
immediately obvious anything was wrong with the compiler, until you
tried to do something that forked in a particular way, like running
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