Fixincludes - some analysis

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at
Mon Jan 27 22:45:54 PST 2003

Dagmar d'Surreal wrote:

>On Sat, 2003-01-25 at 09:48, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
>>Yes it is.  Also, the default prefix for autoconf is /usr/local.  If 
>>someone does a simple configure && make && make install, any libraries 
>>are installed in /usr/local/lib by default.  With the rules as they are, 
>>those libraries will have precedence over /usr/lib.  That makes sense to me.
>Do an ldconfig -v and page through it carefully.  Note which order
>directories are being searched in.
My mistake.  We were discussing include paths not libraries.

s/libraries/include files/g

  -- Bruce

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