vi manpage (another stab)

jsmaby at jsmaby at
Tue Jan 28 00:32:07 PST 2003

> Would hard links work?  A copy over would not destroy the original. 
> Also an update to (say) vim, would not update vi.

And gzip /usr/share/man/man1/* would still not work right.  Plus, try this:
echo foo > a
ln a b
echo bar > c
cp c b
cat a
Although "install" unlinks b before writing to it.  It's not that
space-consuming to use the ".so" method--like a dozen bytes plus
an inode.  Even me, a disk space nazi, use .so instead of links.
I guess the main trouble is that the dependancies between man
pages are more hidden, so if someone always does man vi, and
notices vim.1 takes up more space than they would like, so delete
it, man vi will no longer work.  But in my opinion, anyone
deleting mn pages should either have a very good reason, or be shot.

-James Smaby
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