[gdosreis at sophia.inria.fr: GCC-3.2.2 pre-release]

Erika Pacholleck pchllck at nexgo.de
Tue Jan 28 10:06:13 PST 2003

[28.01.2003] Dan Osterrath <-- :
> > Your version fails for 2.13 and will also fail for 2.14 (but it works for
> > 2.13.0, 2.13.1 etc, etc)
> Then we add just another pair of parenthesis. ;-)

Why do you make it so long?
sed -e 's/\(^.* [Vv]ers.* \)\([\.0-9]*\)\([ .*]\)/\2/'
works on all short, long, supershort, superlong with dots, dashes and
abc letters.

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