pointless -R on chapter 5 chown?

Alex Groenewoud krisp at wanadoo.nl
Tue Jan 28 13:48:52 PST 2003

Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> Alex Groenewoud wrote:
> >I think it's because the (CVS) book doesn't contain any advice
> >on where to store the downloaded source balls that readers put
> >them in the only directory that seems available.
> Everybody does things their own way.  I personally put my chapter 
> 5 sources in /static/packages while building chapter 5 and then
> everything in /usr/src/packages at the start of chapter 6.  Not a
> big deal, but it helps me in automating an LFS build.

People that regularly build LFS have their own ways.  They probably 
don't even read any of the text and look at the instructions only 
to see if anything has changed.

First-timers don't look at the book that way.  They could use a 
little guidance in matters that are not plain obvious: where to 
store the tarballs, where to unpack, where to build.  And they have 
no need for mildly-confusing switches -- and I think the presence of 
the -R on the first chown should puzzle anyone who sees it for the 
first time.

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