Lessons to be learnt from recent events

Greg Schafer gschafer at zip.com.au
Tue Jan 28 21:27:41 PST 2003

On Tue, Jan 28, 2003 at 10:01:00PM -0700, Gerard Beekmans wrote:
> On January 28, 2003 08:58 pm, Greg Schafer wrote:
> > There is simply just too much that can go wrong. Witness the plethora of
> Yes I agree it's shaky. But correct me if I'm wrong, we do get a correct built 
> toolchain with the current instructions (minus the current binutils/gcc 
> glitch) provided instructions are followed to the letter and exact versions 
> are used.

Pretty much well. But like I have said on numerous occasions, there is still
doubt. We need to come up with a method that erases (almost) all doubt.

> > Best for me not to say any more until we have it all sorted. Less words,
> > more action! :-)
> Any chance you guys can discuss this "out in the open" rather than privately? 
> I'm sure other people have things to say/suggest (me included).

It's no big secret. Ryan first posted here:-


Nobody else seemed interested so we took it offline until we'd tested and

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