Bootloaders (Was: Move to Grub)

Rob Park eocnex at
Thu Jan 30 03:38:06 PST 2003

Alas! Ian Molton spake thus:
> Nah. its too much for the book.
> One option is to leave the bootloader configuration out of the book
> altogether...

No, that's bad. LFS, IMO, is about getting a bootable base system that
is completely independant on the host system. Without a bootloader, it
then relies on the host's bootloader in order to boot, which would then
prevent it from being completely independant of the host.

I think the book should move to grub, but then have a little blurb about
how grub isn't the only bootloader, and mention where to find
instructions for other bootloaders (hints, blfs, maybe?).

Rob Park
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