Mktemp is not in the book

Jason Gurtz jason at
Thu Jan 30 19:08:59 PST 2003

jsmaby at wrote:
> [...] Since I love reinventing the wheel, I wrote my own mktemp and
> modified the man page to work with glibc's mkstemp (I guess
> openbsd's is niftier, and that's where the man page is from).

I tried the package out on my old lfs-2.2 based system and the only
problem I had was having to comment out the mkdtemp because of the old
library version and having to manualy install the man page.  Nice and
small too  :)

I know humility is a good thing, but James, you should at least mention
that you wrote the utility in the man page ;)

Anyone else try this?



"> Are we getting Chinese SPAM now, too???

I, too, was at first mesmerized by the very real 'global' nature of the
internet.  I can assure you the fascination will pass.  Be patient." 

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