Mktemp is not in the book

Steve Martin smartie at
Fri Jan 31 09:01:05 PST 2003

On 30 January 2003 07:23, Greg Schafer wrote:
> One last thing, I found it rather ironic that the compile of
> mktemp.c went
> like so:-
> cc -O2 -g -Wall    tempfile.c   -o tempfile
> tempfile.c:19:12: warning: multi-line string literals are deprecated
> /tmp/ccIQ1DvF.o(.text+0x2a4): In function `main':
> /root/temp/temp2/debianutils-1.16.2woody0/tempfile.c:112: the use of
> `tempnam' is dangerous, better use `mkstemp'

binutils gives the same warning about mktemp, and has done for some time.  I
currently use the attached patch to fix it.  I came across this whilst
fixing up Dillon's cron for my system (an extensive patch which Matt
currently refuses to apply),  and binutils is not the only package we
install that gives this message.

Steve Martin

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