the book redone

Alex Groenewoud krisp at
Wed Jul 30 14:32:55 PDT 2003

Lee Hancock wrote:
> I wouldn't say that you have re-written the book, you've just
> abbreviated the book to a smaller format. For example your
> forward state exactly the same thing as in the lfs book, but a
> lot cut down.

That may seem so, but all the information is still there.  The 
Contents and the Installation Dependencies are still present in 
appendix A, and easily arrived at through the hyperlink.

> Therefore I wouldn't
> recommend it  for a first time user because of lack of content and
> explanations.

It doesn't contain any less explanations than the LFS CVS book, 
some of them just moved to an appendix.  Only in the introductory 
stuff I cut heavily, because for much of it there is no need.


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